Protein Denaturation Kit

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This kit provides a hands-on demonstration of why proteins denature at high temperature. Experiment qualitatively with the effects of solution temperature on the structure of proteins. Simply fold the “protein” into any magnetically-locked configuration, seal it in the container with the “solvent”, and shake the system to model temperature through the particle motions. With the Ensemble Interactives Protein Denaturation Kit, students gain insight into mechanisms of protein unfolding by considering simple billiard ball-like collisions. How high can you make the “temperature” before the “protein” denatures? Will the protein re-fold into its original configuration if the “temperature” is reduced?

Recommended for upper high school and all levels of college/university chemistry and biology students.

What’s included

Protein Denaturation Kit comes with:

  • 1 cubic plastic container and lid
  • Silicone band to keep lid closed
  • Hard beads as a solvent model
  • 1 magnetic model protein chain.

Make sure you check out the resources on the LEARNING page for our demo usage tips and video tutorial.


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