Understand entropy with hands-on exploration

Entropy doesn’t have to be confusing.

Our macroscopic teaching aids for chemistry and physics help you build a deep understanding intuitively, without sacrificing fundamental microscopic principles.

Learn fundamental physics & chemistry concepts

Strengthen your understanding of probabilities & statistics

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We’ve compiled resources to help you discover new ways to use to use our kits, give you ready-made lab activities, and go deeper with the fundamental scientific principles. Check out our video tutorials to see our products in action!

Why Ensemble Interactives?

I’m Ryan, and I created Ensemble Interactives in 2021 after completing my theoretical chemistry Ph.D. in 2020. My graduate research involved highly accurate computations of properties of molecular ensembles, including free energy and entropy, among others. Even though I already had a bachelor’s degree in physics, it wasn’t until later in grad school that I began to really understand the concepts surrounding entropy…