What’s the best way to contact Ensemble Interactives?

Use the form on our Contact Us page!  🙂

What grade levels are Ensemble Interactives kits designed for?

We believe that nearly anyone can learn at least a thing or two from our kits! Our activity guides are freely available, and offer activities and exercises for grade levels K-12 and all levels of college. Our kits scan be reused, allowing students to extract new and meaningful insights year after year. If you are trying to teach entropy to toddlers, exercise appropriate caution, as all of our kits contain small parts that pose choking hazards.

Check out our Learning page for free PDFs of exercise and activity worksheets to use with our kits. If you are interested in activities targeting a grade/level different from what you find there, feel free to contact us for help devising a custom activity worksheet! We would love to make our product(s) more useful to you!

My institution would like to implement your activities, but we need a specific quantity of materials. Can we request a larger kit?

Yes! Please contact us to get started. We want to make our products useful to you! You might also consider ordering our Full Lab Kit and supplementing it with one or more of our Single User Kit to achieve your desired quantity of lab supplies.

I’m not sure what I want. Can I get advice from someone at Ensemble Interactives?

We would be glad to offer our suggestions based on your needs. Write to us via our Contact Us page and indicate your preferred contact method, and we will reach out to you quickly.

Is there a discount available for homeschoolers?

Yes! Ryan (our founder) was homeschooled until college, and both believes in the value of homeschooling and understands many of its challenges. We understand that homeschoolers and/or homeschool co-ops may have special needs not found in our standard products. Please contact us and let us work with you!

My institution won’t let me order online. How can I order?

Contact us directly and we will be happy to work with you on an acceptable order method.

Do you ship internationally?

Our website is only set up to handle the United States. If you are located in any other country and want to place an order, please contact us for assistance.

Is there a warranty on the products?

We will replace free of charge any part found to be defective or missing upon receipt of your kit. Free replacement of parts does not apply to accidents, misuse or normal wear and tear. Cosmetic scuffs and light surface scratches are expected during normal operation of these products, especially on the clear demo boxes. Therefore, replacements will not be granted for cosmetic deterioration during normal use. Some additional parts can be ordered from our website; you may also contact us for special purchase requests.

What is your return policy?

Returns are accepted on all items except clear demo boxes within 30 days of the date of invoice. Returns must be in good condition in the original packaging (except used demo boxes, which you may keep). Upon receipt of returned products in good condition, we will issue a refund for the original kit price excluding shipping, less a $10.00 fee. Contact us to obtain the return shipping address and notify us in advance of your desire to return your product(s).

Do you provide a demo to customers before purchasing?

We have put together several helpful video demos and explanations on our Learning page.

Do you provide after-sales service?

Yes, within reason (determined solely at our discretion). We want to help you learn the most and make the best use our products! We have also provided several helpful videos on our Learning page. If you are interested in having someone from Ensemble Interactives come to your institution to train you on the apparatus or facilitate your first demo or lab experiment, Contact us to discuss how we may be able to help you.

What are the health & safety warnings for the usage of Ensemble Interactives products?

If you are trying to teach entropy to toddlers, exercise appropriate caution, as all of our kits contain small parts that pose choking hazards. Our products are intended for dry use only (as excess moisture could be easily trapped in small crevices), and have not been evaluated for any food-grade uses. Because all our kits involve vigorously shaking openable containers of many small particles, safety goggles may be advisable in case of an accident. Wrapping rubber bands around the boxes prior to shaking can also help mitigate the chances of boxes opening during agitation and tiny pieces flying all over the place. It is solely your responsibility to use Ensemble Interactive products appropriately.

I’ve reviewed all the materials on this site and I still don’t believe there’s any value in teaching about entropy accurately.

We strongly disagree. However, if you are very adamant, we would be willing to listen to your pedagogical philosophies over coffee and pastries at your expense. There are several nice coffee shops near our home office.

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