Exploring Entropy Full Lab Kit

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What is entropy? Is entropy the same thing as “disorder”? Is disorder always increasing? See for yourself with this hands-on simulation of small particles!

This kit is intended for larger groups, such as a laboratory setting. The high particle density of these systems creates a unique scenario in which an increase in entropy can actually correlate with a decrease in visual disorder. This unexpected and intriguing observation provides opportunities to introduce many topics to your students, such as free energy change, entropy change, spontaneity, microstates (energy states) and macrostates, probabilities, thermodynamic ensembles, quantization, symmetry, and more! The 7 different particle types in this kit allow students to explore possible effects on this phenomenon due to particle shape.

Recommended for K-12 and all levels of college/university chemistry and physics students, when paired with the appropriate our freely available activity guides below.

What’s included

Exploring Entropy Full Lab Kit comes with:

  • 7 cubic plastic containers with lids
  • 7 silicone bands to keep lids closed
  • 7 different particle types in order to allow multiple student groups to perform the activities simultaneously
    • Set of icosahedra (d20)
    • Set of cuboctahedra (d14)
    • Set of dodecahedra (d12)
    • Set of pentagonal trapezohedra (d10)
    • Set of octahedra (d8)
    • Set of cubes (d6)
    • Set of tetrahedra (d4)

The number of particles included has been carefully chosen to fill the demo box appropriately.

If you’re looking for only enough supplies for one student or instructor, check out our Exploring Entropy Single User Kit option.

Lab Handout

Download our free lab activity documents for ready-to-go implementation in your lab. Answer keys with tips for teachers available upon request. Contact us to let us know which key you need, and include relevant teacher/educator credentials.

Our PDFs don’t suit your needs? We will gladly work with you to develop a set of lab activities and discussion questions tailored to your needs!

Make sure you check out the resources on the LEARNING page for demo usage tips and video tutorials, as well as free PDFs of ready-to-go lab activities!


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